Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue talking about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they visit Menae, moon of Palaven, the Turian homeworld, where on a mission to recover the Turian Primarch they find an old friend.

They begin by talking about the return of Garrus Vakarian, and how it is foreshadowed by Liara worrying about him on Palaven. The guys talk about the shuttles and Steve Cortes who is one of the non-team member relationship options. They talk about how Garrus commands respect upon appearing and how he is advising the Turians on fighting the Reapers. They talk about how you are forced to bring James and Liara, and then have Liara leave the party right before Garrus shows up. They discuss how the aliens all speak English.

They talk about the Turian husks called Marauders. They also look at the brutes, which are part Turian, part Krogan. They talk about the Turian order of succession and mention again how military officers dislike getting promoted into politics. They talk about the new Turian Primarch Victus and how he is regarded as a wild card. They discuss their fights agains the brutes and comment on the view of Palaven and Reapers in the background. They mention that the Reapers are slow and methodical in their conquest of the galaxy. Chip asserts that combat is the best in this game.

As the crew heads back to the Normandy, the guys mention the jokes about Garrus calibrating the guns. They talk about the random characters that Shepard is assembling in the War Room. They talk about how crew members move around the ship this game, giving them a more lifelike feel. They consider Garrus’ role among the Turians and then talk about Shepard unloading their burdens on Garrus. Kura speculates on what space twitter would be like.

They also talk about EDI’s transition into the body of Dr. Eva Corre, making her a full-fledged party member. They wonder about the Normandy being part of EDI’s body. They talk about how EDI is sexualized in her return, and also by the male members of the crew.

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