Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition! They jump right into it by talking about the Strange Transmission mission in the Hawking ETA. Admiral Hackett tasks Shepard with addressing a biotic cult leader named Father Kyle. The squad discuss how they handled the mission and whether or not they decided to let Father Kyle live.

Next, they talk about the Shipments in the Amazon Cluster quest. Hackett lets Shepard know that a probe with a 20-Kiloton nuke has been lost and Shepard must investigate to recover it. It is found in possession of a Turian pirate named Elanos Haliat who was responsible for the Skylian Blitz. Shepard must deal with the bomb and then with Elanos.

The next quest, Lost Freighter, deals with the MSV Worthington. Onboard, Shepard finds a brain dead man and his feral-like girlfriend who is protecting his body. After dispatching the girlfriend, Shepard must decide what to do with the body. This leads to a discussion about ethics and then a rambling consideration of the ethics of using husks to attempt to heal people.

Then the squad mentions the renegade-only quest where Hackett sends you off with the intent of you killing an obnoxious character. The squad talks about how Bioware is great at making characters so hateable that you want to murder them. Kurabara then brings up the Beseiged Base mission, which is the paragon only quest that involves protecting as many cult-members and hostiles while storming the base.

Finally, everyone talks about the Bring Down the Sky DLC. They praise Bioware for the increased cinematic scope and how it favorably compares to other quests in the game. They talk about how it involves additional cinematic sequences, and a handful of extra side quests as well. Kurabara talks about the introduction of the Batarians and how the image was changed in the codec.

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