Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are checking in from their hiatus to talk about the recent N7 about the recent Mass Effect teaser and ARG that Bioware released on November 7th, N7 day.

The guys talk about the countdown leading up to the trailer and how the bits of the trailer were released throughout the day leading up to the assembly of the full trailer at the end. They then recap the trailer and Chip talks about how people had to decode clues to unlock the parts of the trailer. He also points out that the ARG started with a distress signal from Andromeda. Nick wonders if these trailers could be endlessly merchandised without ever requiring a game to come out.

Chip talks briefly about how Bioware had been releasing games early like Anthem and Andromeda. They then wonder about how long its going to take for Mass Effect 5 to be ready. They reference an article about how long it is taking for Bioware to get Dragon Age Dreadwolf out, with that taking precedence before the next ME game. They talk about how long six years can be in video game time, with studios rising and falling and vast changes in hardware to come between now and 2029.

Nick talks about the theory that Liara accidentally got pregnant from Shepard and thus the main character of the next game would be Shepard’s secret asari daughter. Then, they start trying to figure out how the Andromeda distress signal would work reaching the Milky Way Galaxy. Nick talks about the meta-context of a distress signal back to the original trilogy characters after the problems of Andromeda.

Thank you for listening to Squad Goals – A Mass Effect Legendary Edition Podcast! Look for more Squad Goals next year sending distress signals from the Andromeda galaxy!


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Chip Locke

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