Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back from chasing beacons on Eden Prime and ready to share their visions with the world, or at least the Council. But first, Kura talks about photo mode and how he’s been enjoying it. Nick points out that they both thought to take pictures of Saren’s ship, but the picture is intentionally blurry and out of focus because of the camera work.

Finally, they get into the story. After a quick summary of the first, the guys talk about a cutscene from right after the beacon explosion that they missed last time. They talk about the introduction of Matriarch Benezia, voiced by Marina Sirtis, and Saren’s reaction to the events of Eden Prime.

Finally, Shepard and crew arrive at the citadel. They talk about the massive ship the Ascension and discuss their first impressions of the Citadel, and how it has stayed with them into other games. Shepard and crew reunite with Ambassador Udina, and Nick and Chip debate whether Udina is a decent man squashed by his position or a corrupt politician to the core. They discuss some of the sites in the Citadel, including a curious relay monument as well as a massive Krogan statue. They debate the nature of Avina and compare our experiences with voice controlled assistants since 2007. They talk about the mysterious Keepers and how they have become one of Mass Effects iconic features.

Shepard meets the next crewmate, Garrus Vakarian and the squad talk about him as a party member. Next they discuss Saren’s “hearing” and how it was intended to railroad the humans and leads to everyone being frustrated with a few options for where to go next.

After another recap, the second chapter of the Citadel begins. They talk about the drunk C-Sec officer Harkin who can play a role in Shepard’s adventure. They also talk about Barla Von, volus with ties to the enigmatic Shadow Broker. Barla Von’s interrogation leads to Shepard’s encounter with Wrex, a Krogan mercenary with a good and massive head on his shoulders. Wrex joins the party and leads Shepard to Garrus who is in a hostage standoff. After the shootout, Garrus formally joins the crew and everyone is excited to drop Kaiden and Ashley from the immediate group. Shepard and team lead an assault on Chora’s Den, and the criminal owner Fist sends them chasing after a Quarian before Wrex terminates him. They find the Quarian, Tali’zorah Nar Rayya, and she joins the party, and Chip and Kurabara point out how she is one of the best squadmates both because of utility but also attitude.

The group reconvenes in Udina’s office and Tali provides evidence that Saren has gone rogue and also introduces the concept of the Reapers. Shepard takes the evidence back to the Council, and is made a Spectre. Anderson steps aside, awkwardly Chip claims, so that Shepard can take the Normandy, and the Commander is tasked with where to go next.

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