Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back, and they begin this week by talking about Shepard getting the Normandy and how akward it is to find your way to get to the ship from the Citadel.

Then, they get into the many side quests on the Citadel. The first that Nick brings up is the story of Jenna who is a C-Sec informant working in Chora’s Den. Shepard is tasked with trying to extricate her from the dangerous environment and winds up working for C-Sec briefly to end her mission.

Next, they discuss the Asari consort Sha’ira and how weird the questline is. They talk about the possibility to sleep with the consort, and Nick mentions he was confused on his first playthrough as he thought the consort was the Asari who would join the party. Nick shares his experience playing with no charm or intimidate points when he can’t convince Septimus to get it together, but he was saved by Garrus’ intervention. They talk about Sha’ira’s gift to Shepard, which is a reading of his past and how that changes based on your selected history.

They talk about the quest with the Preaching Hanar who is trying to illegally share the wisdom of the Enkindlers in the Presidium. Nick talks about getting stuck trying to buy a permit for the Hanar while everyone else just sent the preachy jellyfish packing.

Next, they discuss the quest where Shepard is accosted by a fan to sign an autograph. They talk about how this quest can escalate and how it may impact galactic readiness in Mass Effect 3.

They talk about Emily Wong, a reporter who asks for proof of corruption, which you just happen to find in Fist’s office in Chora’s Den. Nick gets confused about which reporter Emily is. Kura is surprised that everyone had to go back through Chora’s Den to get the data but Nick points out that you usually are in a hurry on your first visit because there is a timer to get to Tali.

They also talk about the quest to scan the keepers, and how difficult or not that is based on your familiarity with the Citadel and all its nooks and crannies. They talk about the misunderstanding between Chorban and Jahleed and how it is annoying. Chip points out that Garrus was not in the party when Shepard initially met Chorban, yet still recognized the name, and Nick theorizes why that was.

Finally, they talk about the Rigged Quasar game in Flux that leads to a hostile AI hidden in a server bank. Shepard has to hack or shoot their way out before the AI can blow itself (and Shepard) up.

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