Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue their journey through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition! This week, they begin by hitting a few points they glossed over last week. First, they talk about which crew members were with them when the Normandy blew up: Chip had Liara, while Kurabara and Nick had Kaiden. Then, they talk about the resource gathering interface, and how it has bars that fill up to 25000, while many upgrades cost 50000 units of resource, which is an odd design choice. They also talk a bit about Jacob since he got short shrift last week despite being one of Shepard’s new crew members.

Next, they talk about the mission onto Freedom’s Progress, which is where Shepard meets back up with Tali! However, Tali is disappointed by Shepard’s connection to Cerberus and declines to join the mission. They talk about Veetor, the Quarian survivor of the Collector attack, and how they all agreed to let Tali take him, while she shared his omni-tool data on the Collectors. They discuss the Collector’s methods of using the swarm to paralyze people, and then they would abduct them into pods. They also discuss the mech fight right before encountering Veetor.

Next, they talk about the Illusive Man and his theories about the Collector’s connection to the Reapers. They also talk about the Illusive Man’s status report on Shepard’s old crew. He provides Shepard with dossiers of possible recruits to build his team, and then introduces Shepard to his new pilot: Joker!

Joker shows Shepard the rebuilt Normandy, and the squad discuss their opinions of the rebuilt ship. Chip appreciates the lack of elevator trips. They then get into the new crew. They talk about Yeoman Kelly Chambers and how she seems disappointed when Shepard won’t talk to her. They talk about EDI, the new, shackled AI that bickers with Joker and is kinda like having an Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri in every room. They also mention Daniels and Donnely, the couple in engineering. And also Mess Sargeant Gardner who is the cook but also the custodian. Finally, they are glad to see Doctor Chakwas back on board. She is in need of some brandy, and tasks Shepard with getting some.

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