Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about Mass Effect 2! Having completed the intro mission on Freedom’s Progress, Shepard has the rebuilt Normandy and is free to travel wherever they want. So this week the squad heads to Omega, as strongly suggested by Miranda and the Illusive Man. Upon arriving at Omega, they meet Nick’s favorite character, Zaeed Massani. As he is a DLC character, he has a short vignette to introduce him, and then he gives a follow up quest and joins the crew. They talk about how rugged he is as a character and how storied his history is.

They also talk about the atmosphere of Omega and how it is the opposite of the citadel. Kurabara points out that it was designed to look like a mushroom cloud, while Chip insists it looks like a squid. They talk about how grimy it is and how it is the home of the underworld.

Next, they go over the meeting with Aria T’loak. They point out the irony in one of Shepard’s first destinations post-revival being a nightclub called Afterlife. They discuss the casting of Carrie Anne Moss, and how Aria is played as a straight, no nonsense character. They talk about how Aria’s behaviour is counter to most Asari Shepard has met previously.

Then they head into the plague section, and talk about how disquieting this part of the game is to play during a pandemic, especially one that is respitory in nature. Nick talks about how the ambient coughing is affecting, and Chip comments on how many of the victims don’t trust Mording to give them the medicine they need.

Finally, it is time to recruit another squad member, Dr. Mordin Solus. Kurabara is excited to have a Salarian with the team. They talk about how smart he is and compare him to Batman. They also talk about their experience saving (or failing to save) Daniel, Mordin’s assistant who got caught by some Batarians.

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