Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to continue talking about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week they finish up talking about the Citadel DLC by chatting about the big crew party at Shepard’s new apartment.

They begin by talking about the nature of this part of the DLC, focusing on the crew and the relationships Shepard has been forming over the years. Nick talks about how there are two parties you can experience based on what mood you choose to set. He also credits Glyph for his bowtie selection. They talk about how various characters are given the opportunity to interact with each other, especially characters that were featured in different games who otherwise would never meet. They talk about Miranda and Jack bonding, Grunt serving as doorman, and Javik praising Zaeed.

They also comment on the Silversun Strip where some of the single character missions take place, like Traynor’s strategy game tournament. They laugh about Shepard rejecting the Towers of Hanoi, and discuss the arcade combat simulation which allows for endless Mass Effect. Chip enjoys Zaeed’s fascination with the claw machine, and the guys talk about arcades in general. Chip comments how this DLC was written with care and affection, and how it is fan service done properly. They mention Grunt’s run-in with C-Sec. Nick talks about Shepard and James’ pull-up challenge, and how Shepard’s pull-up style is dangerous. They talk about the Officer complaining about whatever class Shepard is as a way for Bioware to acknowledge issues with their own gameplay design. They appreciate the encounter between Javik and Blasto. Nick is confused by Shepard playing Garrus’ wingman.

They talk about the party proper, and how it hits the right notes as an office party. Nick is disappointed in the lack of Dr. Chakwas. They talk about many of the character interactions and jokes that are experienced throughout the events, and consider how different crew members play the roles of various people you encounter at parties, including who can and can’t hold their liquor. They gush over Mordin’s recordings and review who is unable to attend the party regardless of their survival status. They talk about some of the dating scenarios since this is the last chance for romance, and go over some of the post-party character missions. Finally, they give their thoughts on the value of this DLC.

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