Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue talking about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect Legendary edition. This week they make it to Rannoch, the Quarian long-lost homeworld, and contend with the Geth that have taken it over.

First, they discuss the mission to save Admiral Korris after his ship crashed during the confrontation with the Geth Dreadnaught. They talk about the prevalence of turrets and how you have to defend the base after initially assaulting it. They talk about how the interference affects the Normandy’s communications and how they try to reflect that with EDI, but for gameplay reasons leave it less impactful. They discuss Tali’s lack of reaction to being on Rannoch (for this mission at least), and how Rannoch seems to lack cities, instead feeling like the American Southwest. Kura complains there are no ruins to be found in this mission. They review having to convince Korris to join Shepard or not and the possible consequences of that discussion. They talk about how characters still need to learn to trust Shepard despite the Commander’s ongoing success. They consider how the Reapers have genetically modified each race they come across except for the Geth where they only enhance their minds. \

Next, they discuss Shepard’s foray into the Geth Consensus. Nick is underwhelmed by the mission, and he and Chip review several of the explanations for why the Consensus appears how it does to Shepard, and while they are logical, they still leave the experience falling flat. They talk about the Geth sense of nostalgia, and Chip is impressed by all the lore included in this mission. They evaluate Shepard’s hesitancy to join the Consensus and talk about how that should be common in this time frame. They review the debate around whether the Geth are alive. They talk about Tali finally reacting to Rannoch like the tourist she is.

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