Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue their journey through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they return to the Citadel for a breather before continuing on with the Tuchanka missions. Nick begins by recapping their experience last week with Lieutenant Victus, and they discuss Primarch Victus’ feelings towards the situation.

On the Citadel, they begin by talking about the now awake Virmire survivor. This is when Shepard is able to bring Kaiden or Ashley a gift, be it wine or a Tennyson book. Udina is there and has promoted them to Spectre status. The guys discuss which crew members would have made a better Spectre, namely Garrus. Thane is also at the hospital, as is Dr. Chakwas and Dr. Michel.

The guys also discuss the backstory for President Huerta, the namesake of Huerta Memorial Hospital. They also talk about a nurse that needs medi-gel, and this leads to a discussion of the side quest system in Mass Effect 3. Nick and Chip agree that the Journal sucks. Chip points out that unobtainable items from earlier missions are available at the Spectre Requisition terminal. Nick says the journal makes it hard to track where you are in a mission.

Next, they discuss the strange Barla Von mission, which Liara could have handled herself. This leads to a discussion of how Shepard overhears people to get side quest missions, and how awkward that is. They talk about running into Aethyta again, and this time confirming that she is Liara’s father. They also mention the Shepard VI in the docks, as well as Cortes being by the Memorial Wall. Miranda is around and Nick finds that awkward. James is in Purgatory encouraging Shepard to drink. They talk more about the side quests and that leads to a discussion of war resources.

They mention the triumphant return of Refund guy. Michael and Rebecca are also back with an update on her baby. They consider the beginning of the EDI-Joker coupling. They also talk about Aria T’loak and her missions involving the gangs from Mass Effect 2. Kasumi also appears for a mission and Nick falls for her fake death. Finally, they talk about Domonic Osoba looking for his son, and the related mission on Benning.

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