Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they begin talking about the various side quests in the game before they focus in on heading to Citadel and advancing to endgame.

First, they talk about their strategy for how they approached the side quests and when they did them. They also talk a bit about the planetary exploration and how that evolves over the course of the trilogy. They also talk about whether it is worth it to skip Mass Effect 1 and play the comic at the start of Mass Effect 2, or to do all the side quests and play out all the decisions on the game that the comic skips.

Next, they get into the various side quests. They talk about UNC: Lost Module which features the introduction of the monkeyish race which is similar to pyjacks. There’s also a Prothean beacon near this quest which leads to them discussing the Consort and whether you received the data key from her.

Then, they talk about the Distress Call in Argus Rho. This is just a straight Geth trap which lasts long enough to include some Star Wars jokes.

After that, they discuss the Missing Persons quest, where you find a ship that was raided by pirates. After killing the pirates, you find the corpse of the captain, and return to his brother on the Citadel to inform him that his brother is dead.

They also talk about the Rogue VI quest, which takes place on the moon (Luna.) The Rogue VI emits a strange signal when it is killed. and Shepard earns their specialization class.

Missing Survey Team is a quest regarding ExoGeni, the biotech company running the Thorian experiments on Feros. Shepard tracks a signal to a mine, where the survey team is all husks now, having found some strange Geth technology.

There are more husks (well, Thorian Creepers), on Nodacrux, where ExoGeni was shipping the Thorian Creepers from Feros for study. Killing the Thorian caused them to go berserk, and Shepard can choose how to deal with what is left of the crew.

Finally, they discuss the MSV Cornucopia, a ship that found an artifact, went into Geth space, and came back as husks.

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