Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back and they are finally ready to talk about Mass Effect 3. They begin by talking about the new systems in the game and the ability to jump over objects. Planetary scanning is generally regarded to be worse than ME2, but the combat is better. The guys go over how much better leveling feels, and talk about some builds as well as discuss some loadouts. They talk about the removal of multiplayer and the lack of mobile missions, and how neither are now required to get Galactic Readiness. They talk about the return of weapon mods. They also look at the evolution of the conversation wheel. Nick talks about a prior experience that leads to a discussion about when to do the Leviathan DLC.

Finally, they get into talking about the game proper. After a recap of the events of the opening chapter, Nick talks about how the intro gutted him, while Chip argues that it felt like a cheap emotional ploy. They compare the Earth to the Presidium on the Citadel, and Kura reveals his box from when he bought the game in 2012. They talk about the old Kinect voice commands for Xbox. Kura also shares his Cerberus Access Card. This leads to an off-topic discussion about manuals. They return to talking about the game by discussing Shepard’s connection, or lack thereof to the kid. They compare the human Council room to the Council room on the citadel. They argue about the futility of asking Shepard for help when the Reapers are imminently bearing down on them instead of planning for a solution while there was time. Nick wonders about Hackett’s role and if he has any ulterior motives.

They look at the rate of the Reapers moving from the moon to Britain to Vancouver. They compare the video from Britain with Ashley’s video from Eden Prime in ME1. They discuss the return of Anderson and he serves as the tutorial. Shepard can now make jumps! They get into the return of Kaiden or Ashley, and talk about Ashley visual improvements. They discuss whether the dialog makes more sense based on if Shepard was in a relationship with the characters. They talk about meeting James in game, and how it differs based on whether or not you’ve seen Paragon Lost. They talk about being sent to Mars next.

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