Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing through Mass Effect 2! This week, they start by talking about the mission to get the Convict, better known as Jack. They talk about how Jack was established as a biotic powerhouse based on other character reactions to her, and then also how they were affected by the conditions of the prison ship they were getting her from. They talk about her tough exterior and Kurabara compares her to people he knows. Chip mentions the way the game primes you to expect Jack to be male, and also talks about how Miranda and Jack do not get along. Kurabara mentions that Grunt liked her, and Nick starts speculating on how Jack and Grunt could have played each other, and leaned into each other’s worse impulses. They talk about how closed and guarded she is. They also talk about how they don’t like her costume design. Then, they get on a rant about friendships on the Normandy, and talk about how Garrus and Zaeed should be buddies. Kura mentions that Jack was based off Jack from Chronicles of Riddick. Lastly, they talk about their impressions of the betrayal by the Warden on Purgatory.

Next, they head to the Citadel to see how things have changed since Sovereign’s attack. Things kick off with their encounter with Kasumi Goto through a hacked advertisement. Then, they head into the Citadel but have to get through C-Sec where they meet Captain Bailey who is running the entrance station. Chip is excited that he’s played by Michael Hogan of Battlestar Gallactica fame. They talk about how he is a sign that humans have taken over C-Sec and run much of it, having replaced the Turians from Mass Effect 1. Then, they head up to meet Anderson and talk about how good it was to see him again. They also get to meet with the Council briefly, and share their disappointment that the Council is still very dismissive of Shepard. Then, Udina returns and they talk about his character.

Next, they discuss the layout of the Zakera Ward and how cramped it is compared to the Presidium and Wards from Mass Effect 1. They also discuss how the keepers are still creepy. Chip talks about how disappointing the Citadel is this time around. Nick talks about how the Citadel has a personality and qualifies as an old friend to visit in the sequel. They also talk about how Shepard can negotiate with the vendors for discounts at the kiosks. They also talk about some of the minor characters that return on this Citadel, like the Petrovskys, now with child!

They discuss some of the side quests available on the Citadel. First, there is a Volus and Quarian arguing about a missing credit chit. Shepard can intervene and prove the Quarian innocent and get her out of trouble. Nick also wonders about how Shepard gets so much money from random computers. They also talk about getting the fine ingredients for the chef to prepare a meal. Also, Shepard receives emails from other Citadel characters such as Sha’ira and Chorban. They also talk about the Krogans that want to try the fish from the Presidium, and how to get them fish without returning to the Presidium.

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