Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to finish up the first Mass Effect! Having made it off the Citadel, they head to Ilos. Chip talks about how he doesn’t really like Ilos and it feels like a slog to him. Kura points out how decripit the place is, and Chip and Nick agree that the fights were more annoying than hard or fun. Chip complains a bit about the verticality of some of architecture. Nick says it does a good job portraying ruins. He is also confused about how the corpses don’t look like Protheans. Kurabara explains that the bodies are pre-Prothean, and Ilos is all ruins that the Protheans discovered.

Chip talks about how he does like the drive after finding Vigil, and Kurabara talks about the force fields and how he liked all the pods he was viewing in the background. Nick points out that they use the title screen music for effect. They talk about how Vigil did not stop Saren because he was indoctrinated. Nick points out that the Reapers didn’t do a good job by missing Ilos on past sweeps. Then they talk about the ending sequence of Ilos where you drive straight ahead through the Geth forces to take the relay to the Citadel. Kurabara talks about how the Reapers didn’t plan for the Keepers.

Then they head to the Citadel and deal with the Geth invasion in person. Kura laughs at how slow the Citadel doors close. Nick and Chip marvel over how you scale the Presidium tower. Nick talks about how quickly the end of the game came for him. Nick talks about how the first part of the Saren fight happens in the Council chambers. Kura is surprised because with charm and intimidate you can just talk to Saren and get him to shoot himself. Kura points out that the Citadel damage exposes that the structure looks Reaper-like. They talk about their encounters with Saren and Saren’s evolution. Kura compares Saren’s fate to the necromorphs of Dead Space. They talk about the final fight against Sovereign and how annoying it is. They discuss their decisions for the fate of the Council, as well as for Udina and Anderson.

Finally, they give their final opinions on the game and how much they enjoyed it.

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