Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue their journey through the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. This week, they discuss the mission to Eden Prime to recover Javik, the dormant Prothean who joins the team. They begin by talking about the last time they were on Eden Prime back in Mass Effect 1. Then they discuss the fact that this mission was DLC and not included with the base game, which is a shame because Javik is such a valuable party member. They agree that he should not have been locked behind a paywall. This leads to a discussion of the price of games over the years. They also talk about the importance of bringing Javik on several missions, as his Prothean insights are informative for a game that has focused on the remains of Prothean civilization so much.

They discuss the concept of the Protheans as a character in the game (similar to the Normandy or Citadel being characters in their own right). They look at Javik’s relationship to Liara and how that changes as she gets to know him. Kurabara mentions that Javik’s voice actor also voiced Knack. They talk about how Javik’s opinions of other races are colored by his knowledge of those races from their earlier evolutions. They consider how the Protheans conquered the universe, and how Javik sees everything through that prism. They talk about his empath skills, and how being born during a Reaper invasion will affect one’s outlook on life. They discuss the evolution of the Protheans into the Collectors, and talk about how it must suck to then wake up in the next Reaper invasion. They wonder how we didn’t find Javik on our first visit to Eden Prime.

They consider the mission to Eden Prime, and mention that EDI references Jenkins before landing. They talk about Cerberus taking over the colony. They mention the sportsball reference in the game. They consider how much of the Prothean empire was preserved, and again wonder about the Reapers and the Thorian on Feros (also located in Prothean ruins). They talk about how the Eden Prime colonists become a War Asset once they are freed from Cerberus. They talk about Javik eventually getting annoyed with Liara, and how his biotics are green.

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