Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue their journey into the galaxy of Mass Effect! This week, they tackle the last of the three initial missions provided after leaving the Citadel: Noveria. They start off talking about the frozen environment that all the party members complain about but has no significant bearing on the game. Then they get into talking about the struggles of carrying too many items and too much omni-gel.

The get into the workings of Noveria, with Anolais the Salarian administrator overseeing a community shared by several biotech companies. Nick and Kurabara argue about how effective the security forces are against the Geth and the Rachni.

They talk about the encounters at the hotel bar. Nick was unable to convince Lorik Qui’in to testify against Anolais, while Kurabara was able to use an exploit talking to Qui’in to max out his paragon. Chip points out that the credit rewards offered for quests is insignificant compared to selling all the weapons you can acquire along the way. Kurabara runs through a corporate espionage quest that involves talking to an executive and stringing him along for as long as possible.

Chip talks about a quest for a smuggling Hanar and how he was able to use the quest to bypass the Lorik Qui’in parts of Noveria.

Nick is excited when he was able to get Lorik Qui’in to become the new administrator after Anolais was removed. Kurabara thought it was awkward because he never talked to Anolais to have any opinion on his arrest.

They also discuss infiltrating Synthetic Insights for information on Anolais’ corruption, and all the different ways you can get your garage pass to head to Peak 15.

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