Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are here to finally dive into Mass Effect 2. Nick has a bit of a cold, so apologies for the voice, but they get right into talking about the Illusive Man before they can even recap the events of the introduction. Chip is excited as they talk about Martin Sheen’s casting and the energy he brings to the Illusive Man. They then get to questioning whether Miranda has ever actually met him (It appears that she has), and then get into talking about the morality system.

Then, they talk about the vicious decision to start the game with the death of Shepard and the destruction of the Normandy. Chip praises it while Nick calls it affecting, and they discuss their initial reaction to Sheaprd’s death. Then they get into the reasons behind the decision as far as resetting Shepard’s power level while allowing for a continuity of the character from Mass Effect 1.

Kurabara then praises the montage where Shepard is resurrected. Chip talks about Wilson, the shady doctor that helped bring Shepard back. Nick praises the decision to let Shepard join Cerberus as it forces a wedge between Shepard and everyone who knew and trusted him. Kura is glad to have the council off his back for now. Chip praises the improved combat in the game, and also talks about how well done Miranda’s introduction is. Nick is excited by the addition of Yvonne Strahovski as Miranda. They talk more about the voice casting, and also talk up Keith David’s ongoing role as Captain Anderson. They then discuss the Shepard-Anderson relationship that progresses throughout the games.

Chip praises the visual details they have been able to add into the game. Nick points out how they expanded the Cerberus lore for this game as well. Chip points out that Shepard joining Cerberus felt a little out of character. Nick uses the pandemic to explain the decision. They also talk about the internal Cerberus politics, including what led to Wilson betraying the project and trying to kill Shepard (again). Kura talks about the non-Geth robots that appear in the introduction. He wonders where they were during Mass Effect 1 and Nick appreciates the role that they play.

Kura brings up the switch to heat-cartridges as a replacement for unlimited ammo. He also talks about some of the pre-order bonus items that are now available in the Legendary edition. Chip talks about his resource hoarding problem when playing RPG’s. Nick brings up that Shepard can now slide over low objects. Nick talks about how weapons are just available now instead of having to play the inventory management minigame from the first game. They also talk about the evolution of the hacking minigame and how it is more interesting this time around with less requirements upon your party. Kura points out the the skill tree has been pared down. Kura also complains about the quick-time events that have been added. Nick and Chip disagree.

Nick brings up the changes to resource scanning in this game. They figure out what happens if you run out of fuel and money in space. Chip shares his economical strategy for scanning planets while Nick admits he is going to scan every resource on every planet. Nick talks about how the first game took place on the right side of the map while this game is set in the Terminus sector which is the upper part of the map. Kura hypes up the rebuilt Normandy, and then complains about the character importer having changed our characters in uncomfortable ways. They also talk about the scarring on Shepard and how that can be influenced by your morality, unless you get the improved medbay.

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