Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to continue talking about the loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2. This week, they discuss Samara and Jack. They begin by talking about the strength of the characters biotics, and Kura talks about an achievement you can get by using Miranda and Jacob’s biotics together.

As Samara’s loyalty mission brings Shepard back to Omega, the guys talk about some of the missions that are now available upon your second visit. They talk about Ish and Sel, two Salarians who ask Shepard to retrieve some packages. After discussing how odd the quest is, they realize that the quest is bugged and talk about its proper completion. Next, they talk about some odd dialog with Captain Gavorn about the Vorcha, although it is not clear if there is an associated quest. They also talk about the Patriarch questline which has Shepard talking to an old Krogan and learning about Aria’s history on Omega.

After reviewing the Samara loyalty mission, the guys all admit that they chose to stick with Samara instead of choosing Morinth. Kura comments how choosing Morinth can let Shepard romance her which leads to Morinth killing Shepard. They talk about how tragic Samara’s backstory is, and Kura talks about how tragic the story of the girl Morinth killed is. They also talk about the mechanic of having to get Morinth’s attention at the bar while not getting kicked out. They discuss the lack of combat in the mission. Nick appreciates the way the final dialog with Morinth plays out by using your paragon/renegade options. They also talk about attempting to romance Samara.

Finally, they talk about the Jack loyalty mission. Nick brings up the explosion that Jack triggered and talks about its magnitude. Then, Nick wonders just how effective Jack’s return to the Cerberus facility was for her. They talk about Jack’s feeling towards Cerberus and Chip admits he brought Miranda on the mission. Nick says Jack needs some empathy. Nick wonders if Jack or Miranda are more high maintenance. They talk about Jack as a representation of abuse.

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