Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they continue their journey through the loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2, visiting Tuchanka, home of the Krogan, where Mordin and Grunt have unfinished business.

But first they give their initial impressions of Tuchanka and talk about some of the characters that can be found there. They talk about how (non)-welcoming the Krogan are, and how Grunt is ill-received by them. There is one Krogan who can be overheard saying that he might be a dad, and this leads to a discussion about the lack of children in Mass Effect. They also talk about the two Krogran who are always chatting about beating up the other races. Kurabara points out that the Krogan love how run down their planet is. Next, they talk about Wrex’s arc, as he is still alive and leading the Urdnot clan in everyone’s games. They also examine the Varren pit and its accompanying mini-game. They talk about the Pyjak in the science lab, as well as the pyjak shooting mini-game. They discuss the evolution of Krogan society and how its likely that most of the non-warrior Krogan were killed when the bombs went off. They also mention the return of Charr, the Krogan poet from Illium.

Next, they discuss Mordin’s loyalty mission, as he searches out his student Maelon. They talk about how rapidly Mordin processes grief and how that may lead to him not fully processing it. They talk about what Krogan society could look like without the Genophage. This leads to a discussion about uplifting races and the Reapers’ motives. They talk about Maelon’s fate and how Mordin claims he is not a killer (except that we’ve seen him kill.) Nick also mentions one of his favorite moments in the game: when he gets to blow up the Weyrlock speaker. They also talk about Mordin’s love of musicals.

Finally, they review Grunt’s mission. They all claim to have killed the Thresher Maw, and wonder about how the keystone was able to summon the specific beasts in the proper order. Kura mentions the breeding requests for Grunt and Shepard. They talk about headbutting Uvenk, and discuss the villain further. They also talk about Shaman and how unique he is.

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