Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue talking about their experiences playing Mass Effect 2 in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they continue looking at the loyalty missions as this week the characters in the spotlight are Zaeed and Kasumi.

First, they talk about Zaeed’s mission. They discuss Zaeed’s secret: that he founded the Blue Suns. Kura mentions that he did the mission too early once and didn’t have the Paragon points to calm Zaeed down. They consider Vito’s fate when his ship is shot down. They talk about how the fire is a symbol of Zaeed’s rage, and his need for vengeance against Vito is the source of his anger. Kura calls Zaeed a human Krogan. They compare Zaeed’s mission to Jack’s mission. They talk about how you can leave Zaeed to die and speculate on his age. Nick wonders how much of the Blue Suns are left after Mass Effect 2. They mention that Zaeed should have told Shepard about the vengeance part of the mission first. They talk about pyjaks and the difficulty of the final fight.

Next, they talk about Kasumi’s mission. Her fight itsn’t too difficult, but they still value waiting to do her mission as you can hear more gossip that reflects Shepard’s exploits. They review the items that Hock has in his vault. They consider Shepard’s alias, Gunn. They try to figure out Hock’s accent. They discuss Kasumi’s personality in the mission and reflect on the inability to romance her. They talk about Keiji’s greybox, and the morality of the decision to let Kasumi keep it or not.

Finally, they talk about two side quests. There is the quest to search the ruins of a downed Quarian ship for a lone survivor. Then, they talk about the quest to shut down a missile from hitting either a population center or a military target.

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