Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue their journey through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they are finishing up the loyalty missions by finally visiting the Quarian Flotilla to help Tali, and the Heretic Geth station to help Legion.

First, they discuss the decision behind getting Legion so late and waiting for him to do Tali’s mission. Then, after a recap of the mission, they talk about the irony of bringing a Geth to a trial for bringing live Geth parts into the Flotilla. Nick praises Shoreh Aghdashloo’s performance as Shala’raan. They get into a lengthy discussion of Quarian pregnancies and population control. They talk about the council members that Shepard must interact with: Admiral Gerel, Admiral Koris, and Admiral Xen. They also discuss the ship names and some of the jokes that follow. They mention that Veetor and Kal’reegar from earlier in the game can reappear if you protected them.

Next, they head to the Alarai which is the ship where Tali’s father was performing his experiments with Geth technology. They talk about how much of the crew were able to leave final messages to their loved ones. They talk about their decision for what to do with Tali’s father’s research. They consider how Tali’s father was absent in her life. They talk about the different outcomes that can happen at the trial, including an outcome where Tali becomes bitter and depressed. They mention that Tali’s trial is just a proxy fight for the real decision which is how to engage with the Geth. They talk about the combat on the mission. Kura mentions that Claudia Black voices Admiral Xen. They talk about Xen’s decision to continue the experiments.

Next, they discuss Legion’s mission to stop the Heretic Geth. After a recap, they talk about how the mission involved destroying hubs to stop the Geth. Chip goes deep on AI theories and insists that Geth are people. Nick compares the Geth to the Protheans. He also comapres the virus to indoctrination. They talk about how the Geth learned to lie and how that is a problem. They talk about the massive info dump that Legion’s stories are. They compare their decisions for how to handle the Heretic Geth. They talk about the Tali-Legion conflict upon returning to the Normandy, and learn some neat facts about Soveriegn.

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