Jarret and Nick are back to talk about the latest gaming news. First, Jarret has been working his way through Hades and is struggling with the fact that his best runs are always his last runs of the night. Nick meanwhile got his first win at Fall Guys, and his 4 year old may be beating you at it.

Sony released a video showing a teardown of the PS5. It not only showed just how large the console is, but it highlighted how customizable a console it may be. Nick and Jarret pondered over if different covers may be made available in lieu of reguarly offering entirely new console editions for game releases. Microsoft UK took a shot at Sony over having a removable base on the console. And Sony provided a list of 10 PS4 games that will not be backwards compatible with the PS5.

There are rumors that Microsoft may be purchasing Bungie. After a Corporation Service Agent listing for Bungie was discovered (this is usually done in advance of an acquisition), the rumor mill intensified, leading to Bungie CEO Pete Parsons to claim that Microsoft is not buying Bungie. Jarret thinks that Bungie would be a great fit at Microsoft because of what they could do beyond Halo (which 343 is handling well) or Destiny.

EA has announced that Star Wars Squadrons will not have any DLC or additional modes added. Jarret thinks the game should be turned over to the community, as it will die without support. Nick thinks that EA is just leaving money on the table.

A Fallout 76 militia roleplaygroup got caught in a real militia banwave on Facebook.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is coming on November 6th. Jarret thinks they should be remastering Most Wanted instead.

Finally, Amazon is shutting down Crucible, after the game was released to much apathy and disappointment and then returned to closed beta, where developers were unable to fix the game.


Jarret Redding

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