Chapter 9 kicks off with a conversation with Luis, where he stalls to meet up with Leon and Ashley, setting the stage for the maze in the Courtyard with infected dogs lurking around every corner. Here you can use Ashley to help backtrack to find hidden treasures. In the Grand Hall, they encounter a statue of Chimera and must find the Ram Head, Snake Head, and Lion Head to progress. Things take a John Wick-style turn when Leon is trapped in a cage, and Ashley has to help him find a way out by fighting armored enemies with a lantern. However, after finding a key, Ashley gets captured, and Leon must rescue her again.

Chapter 10 begins with Ada alerting Leon about Ashley’s kidnapping and directing him to the Throne Room. We are able to revisit the library Ashley explored and on the main quest, venture into the Main Ballroom, where we face off with the camouflaged Novistadors. To unlock the Throne Room, we must fight two Garradors and multiple enemies. Once we reach the Throne Room, Ashley is in the middle of a ritual, and Leon is thrown into a pit, surviving against all odds. In the depths, we encounter more Novistadors, and the optional fight with the Verdugos adds to the excitement. We then witness Saddler activating Krauser and Luis meeting up with Leon, setting the stage for the next chapter.


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