Nick and Katie are so full of wishes for 2019 that they got a whole other episode out of it! First, they start by talking about Turalyon and hoping he gets some time with Alleria. Nick suggests that Turalyon would get the Tirion role in any sort of Wrath of the Lich King sequel.

Katie wants to see Turalyon reconnect with paladins of all races.

For Azeroth, Katie wants the planet to survive, and talks about how it needs to have a larger role in Battle for Azeroth. Nick wants Azeroth to appear as a Titan, especially since its better to hear from Azeroth directly rather than having to go through Magni.

For Magni, Katie wants him to continue doing what he’s doing, as he is protecting the planet. Nick wants Azeroth to give Magni a hug and reward him by letting him go to Ironforge to hang out with his grandkid.

For Tyrande, Katie talks about her recent transition to being the Night Warrior. Katie doesn’t know how long the aggression will continue, but she’s interested to see where the character goes. She doesn’t want her to die. Nick admits that Tyrande is righteous is seeking her vengeance. Nick wonders if she will show up in Dazar’Alor. Katie is glad that the Night Elves are being more aggressive and returning to their Warcraft III roots. Nick points out that they’ve been critical of Genn and Jaina for their hostility, but he and Katie are welcoming the Night Elves anger.

For Malfurion, Katie is glad he’s not crying for Tyrande. She’s glad to see him being more aggressive as well. She does want them to return to being peaceful after getting their vengeance. Nick wants to see him rip up more people in bear form.

For Vol’jin, Katie is just excited to have him return. They talk about the possibility of Saurfang and Vol’jin merging and how awesome the hair would be. Katie wants Vol’jin to continue to be a strong part of the story and wants him to be the Royal Family’s loa, or a righteous loa. Nick wants Vol’jin to be the loa of the Horde, and to serve in an advisory role to prevent further warchiefs from acting like Sylvanas or Garrosh. Nick then wonders if it is possible that Sylvanas is actually responsible for Vol’jin’s death. Katie wonders if he could become the loa of Justice.

For Xal’atath, Nick wants it to find someone who can offer it riddles and be stymied as much as it stymies us. Katie suggests giving the blade to the Goldtusk Gang. They debate if the Goldtusk Gang can be corrupted.

For Azshara, they debate if she should get a rest like the other characters. Nick suggests hiding from Azshara in Hyjal or anywhere elevated, away from the water. Nick just wants to see more of her, and doesn’t know what to offer her due to her power. He wonders about wishing her to have a fleet of airships to travel places above water level. He jokes about how strong players are if they struggle killing raid bosses. Katie claims that Azshara should have her own expansion. She wants to see Azshara and Sylvanas face off. Katie wonders if they would team up.

For Saurfang, they first talk about Horde players getting to choose whether to ally with him or not. Katie thinks Saurfang needs a vacation. Nick wants him to find the noble death he has been seeing. He suggest teaming up with Hemet so they can both go on a suicide mission, or maybe pitting them against one another. Katie just wants him to relax. Nick fears that Saurfang is going to believe in living only to be killed at that point. They talk about future Horde leadership and wonder if a council could form to rule.

For Zekhan, Katie does not want him to die or be corrupted. She wants to see him step up and help lead the Darkspear. Katie fears that Zekhan could die to trigger Saurfang’s rage. Nick wants to see Zekhan interacting with the trolls in Zandalar.

For Rastakhan, Nick asks for the funeral pyre to burn bright. Katie wants him to take out as much of the alliance as he can when he dies.

For Talanji, Nick wants her to have the wisdom to lead effectively. Katie agrees that Talajni should step up as a leader.

For Bwon’samdi, Nick wants Vol’jin to kick his ass. Katie agrees that he deserves a punch in the face, but she’s curious about how he and Vol’jin will interact. She doesn’t want him to die.

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