So we’re pretty much done with pre-BfA lore now that Battle of Lordaeron has been released (with the exception of Azshara Warbringers which may well have dropped before this goes up), and Nick and Katie reconvene with Kavo, AJ, and Gooch to discuss all the lore leading into the new expansion. Nick sums up the new content and then they begin diving in.

Old Soldier was the Saurfang cinematic that featured him and Zekhan (ZAPPYBOI!) discussing honor and the Horde. They admired Blizzard’s panache in releasing this unannounced two days after the Sylvanas Warbringers left Horde players twisting in the wind and several people claiming bad writing. They talk about the cinematics team improving quality and how they are able to use whatever visual tricks they need to pull off a cinematic, and they talk about where they hope Zekhan’s arc goes as well as question what will ultimately happen with Saurfang.

They also discuss A Good War and Elegy, the Horde and Alliance novellas that explain the War of the Thorns from each side. Nick appreciates that several battles are recounted in both stories, but from each respective faction’s perspective, so that named characters in one book appear unnamed in the other book, and together make a complete accounting of events. They talk about the terror at the end of Elegy in describing the burning of Teldrassil, and they get into a super nerdy debate about numbers regarding the Night Elf population.

They also look at the Battle for Lordaeron and the related Horde and Alliance cinematics. Katie and Gooch were unimpressed by Jaina’s surprise entrance, and they discuss Sylvanas’ sassy lines and her confrontation with Horde leadership in the throne room.

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