Nick is joined this week by Gin and Ali from Live, Laugh, Lore to discuss the difficulties of being a lore podcaster as well as look at the Trading Post.

They begin by sharing their general thoughts on Dragonflight through 10.0.5. Ali has been enjoying the dragon riding and races. Then, they talk about the Trading Post and consider it as one of the latest features added to WoW. Gin talks about making money on the auction house and they discuss various mount skins. This leads to a chat about transmog.

Next, they dive into the topic of how knowing what is going on behind the scenes can affect their ability to enjoy the game. They talk about how Steve Danuser had to pick up the story after Alex Afrasiabi’s departure. They mention how the Jailer was a poor villain. They consider how good story is appreciated while bad story leads to fans wondering about why the story was bad. They talk about content running longer than intended. They wonder about Afrasiabi’s control over the creative team, and wondered about the return of Chris Metzen. They discussed Ilgynoth’s whispers and considered the effect Covid had on Shadowlands’ development. Nick mentions the theory that Korthia was supposed to be Thros and Taz’Avesh was supposed to be Korthia. They determine that fans of the lore will appreciate Shadowlands for how much it expanded the lore. They discuss how to handle spoilers.

They then share their optimism for Dragonflght. They evaluate Khadgar’s role and consider Khadgar and Modera as a couple. Nick shares a theory that Khadgar could be Nozdormu. They joke about Nozdormu’s inability to see clearly in the future. They talk about Chromie’s determination to save Nozdormu and how that could backfire. Finally, they speculate on who the final boss of Dragonflight could be.

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Nick Zielenkievicz

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