In a shocking turn, Nick and Katie do not talk about Zuldazar this week. They talk briefly about Voldun since Katie has been playing there, but Nick wants to avoid spoilers. Then Nick brings up Aszhara Warbringers, and they talk about the music and best parts of the cinematic. They appreciate N’Zoth as a fish and try to discern what the nature of Azshara’s relationship with the Old God is. They then look at Azshara’s motives of late and try to determine if she is still working with N’Zoth or if there could have been a falling out. They end the discussion by debating which of the Warbringer shorts was the best.

Next, Nick and Katie try something new. Nick flips and coin and he represents Sylvanas, while Katie then has to represent Anduin, and the two of them redraft the Horde and Alliance from the full list of available player races, including the six available allied races and the two upcoming races announced. Katie cleverly chooses to go second, and due to the snake nature of the draft, effectively has control, dictating many of Nick’s choices as far as how he constitutes what should be the Horde. Katie pushes a run on both naval strength and engineering with her actions, and Nick tries to establish control over the Eastern Kingdoms as best he can. One race that has struggled recently falls down the board, and probably goes lower than they should. Katie finishes off the draft with a surprise non-playable race as her final choice to give both factions 11 draft slots. Overall, this was surprisingly fun and went way differently than anticipated.

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