Nick is back to talk about the story and lore of Warcraft. But first he talks about Katie taking a hiatus from the show and his plan to have guests on going forward.

He then talks about the Vow short story and praises it for showing where all the characters are going into Dragonflight, as well as introducing Kurog who is one of the raid bosses in Vault of the Incarnates. He talks about how Vault is proving to be a good raid.

Nick then goes over the zones in Dragonflight real quickly, skimming through Waking Shore and talking about the centaur in the Ohnarhan Plains. He talks about enjoying the Azure Span and mentions a quest with a Dracthyr and some kids in a library, and then appreciates the use of Simulacrum Sindragosa. He also talks about the time travel in Thaldraxxus and how he’s been enjoying that part of the story.

He takes an email from Goblinsdrool talking about playing with his son, and talks about his own experiences playing with his son.

Finally, he responds to some tweets and picks the most iconic heroes for each class. He also talks about Argus as a failed Titan project. And then he talks about the introduction of a place known only as Avaloren.

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Nick Zielenkievicz

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