Katie is still on her way back from an amazing Blizzcon so Alisaunder is filling in this week to talk about all the major lore bombs dropped at Blizzcon. Battle for Azeroth is the next WoW expansion and the faction war is about to explode! She and Nick talk about the prologue of “Before the Storm” which was released and sets up the story with Sylvanas struggling to maintain control over Undercity and Ogrimmar, as her duties as Warchief are coming into conflict with her role as the Banshee Queen. The Desolate Council has begun to claim power in Undercity, but before Sylvanas can respond to that, she needs to lead Ogrimmar in a Victory parade celebrating the defeat of the Legion.

Also, at Blizzcon, the intro cinematic for Battle for Azeroth was released, amazingly before we have even seen the finale cinematic to the Antorus raid in Legion. Undercity is under seige by the Alliance, and Sylvanas must rally the Horde to defend it, while Anduin heals the Alliance to press the attack. The pair gush over this cinematic for how it features characters doing crazy, heroic stunts like Anduin mass-rezzing in combat and Sylvanas going full out Banshee. It also highlights one of the features of Battle for Azeroth, the Allied races, by showing a Lightforged Draenai and a Zandalar troll. And Nick is excited because there’s a Tauren bull-rush. They agree this was one of the best cinematics ever released.

They also discuss the zones we will be visiting, as the Alliance will be going to Kul Tiras and the Horde will be leveling on Zandalar. This gives both Jaina and Vol’jin a chance to have their stories return to the forefront for their respective factions.

Alisaunder also runs through her impressions of the features in Battle for Azeroth including Warfronts, Island Expeditions, and various new dungeons and raids! Alisaunder also shares her concerns about the new level scaling to be applied in the next expansion as that will affect the leveling experience.

Katie will be back next episode to talk all about her exciting experiences at Blizzcon!

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