Katie and Nick got their copies of Before the Storm and while Katie is about 2/3rds of the way through, Nick is only on Chapter 7 so they aren’t quite ready to talk about the book just yet. That said, they REALLY want to! Warning: Mild spoilers follow. Nick gloats that he accurately called the Patch 7.3 cinematics featuring in the book. Katie mentions that she thinks its Christie Golden’s best Warcraft book. She also talks about how she’s been alternating between the audio book and the written book. They will both talk more about it on an upcoming episode of Azeroth Book Club with Brittza from Geeks of Azeroth.

In game, Katie has been struggling with the field medic achievement since first aid is being removed in Battle for Azeroth. Nick, meanwhile, has finished his mage order hall campaign and talks about how he had to save Archmage Vargoth from the dreadlord Kathra’natir, and he has concerns that other dreadlords may be working to free Kathra’natir from his new prison. They talk about how omnipresent dreadlords were in Legion and how paranoid it can make a player.

As part of E3, Christie Golden, Terran Gregory, and Steve Danueser participated in a panel about storytelling for WoW. Nick and Katie discuss some of the highlights from the panel, including Terran mentioning that some heroes don’t get epic deaths, which made Nick think of Vol’jin. They talk about Blizzard’s plan to tell story across multiple media, and how that is reflected with the scenes in Before the Storm that were also cinematics. There is a slight detour into the nature of Azerite and what that can do to a person, given that we are going to be handling Azerite for the entirety of the next expansion, and Nick theorizes about the death of our characters.

Finally, Nick shares his theory on the Windrunner father, who has been absent from Warcraft lore. What could his history have been that would cause all three of his daughters to fall for human males?

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