Happy New Year! Now that 2019 is upon us, Nick and Katie continue the annual tradition of sharing their wishes for many Warcraft characters in the coming year. First, Katie talks about getting exalted with the Voldunai thanks to fan mail from Elendir! Nick mentions the emissaries he’s still working on.

For Anduin, Katie mentions that Anduin has been rounded out, and wishes that he would push back against many of the people who try to strongarm him into action. Nick mentions that he’s stood up to Genn at times, and wants him to stay on the path that he’s on. He claims that Anduin has been doing well given his situation. They discuss the possibility of him turning into the next Arthas. They also look at the present implications of Anduin’s pre-Legion comic.

For Sylvanas, they discuss the Windrunner sisters finally meeting this year. Katie complains that Vareesa poisoned Alleria against Sylvanas before the meeting. They also discuss the possibility that Sylvanas is straight-up evil. Nick mentions that they didn’t understand that the Battle of Lordaeron would lead to the Horde losing Undercity this time last year. He also mentions that Katie is a better strategist than Anduin. They talk about Sylvanas being pictured with Xal’atath at Blizzcon. Katie wants her to continue to have an interestingly written character. Nick wishes for her to be made mortal again.

For Alleria, Katie starts off by mentioned that she’s not a fan of the Void Elves. Katie wants the void to prove to the a danger to her. Nick asks for her to get some rest. He also wishes that she and Turalyon could physically interact, and references “Pushing Daisies.”

For Varessa, Katie wants her not to die. Nick wishes for her to find a nice male elf to date since none of the Windrunners seem to be into elf men. Katie suggests a goblin.

For Genn, they talk about their ongoing hatred for Genn and how they’ve softened on him lately. Katie wants to see where is character is going. Nick wishes for him to retire with Mia. He also asks for Genn to teach his Worgen to grow a tail.

For Jaina, they start by talking about her return at the Battle of Lordaeron. Nick talks about some of the plot threads that have changed since Mists of Pandaria. They talk about her rebuilding her relationship with her mother and the fact that she’s going to be a raid boss in 2019. Katie talks about not being happy with Jaina and wishing for her to go back the way she was. Nick wishes she would hang out in Kul Tiras as that seems to be good for her.

For Flynn Fairwind and Taelia Fordragon, Nick asks for Flynn to go to Stormwind and properly join the Alliance. They want Taelia to meet her father in Icecrown. Katie brings up the theories about who Taelia’s mother is.

For Caelia, Katie mentions that she doesn’t like her and doesn’t know what’s going to happen with her. Nick mentions that we now have several characters competing to be the next Lich King and wonders who will claim that role, or if its possible that this is all a big plan to resurrect Arthas. Nick asks for Caelia to show up.

For Gallywix, Katie is excited that he has had story! Katie has been happy with his growth this year, and hopes to see more of him. Nick mentions that he’s softened on him but wants him to step down as the Goblin leader of the Horde.

For Khadgar, they talk about his exit from the story. Nick mentions that if he comes back its going to be a concern. Nick wishes everyone would hang out at a cabin in Azshara.

For Wrathion, Nick wants him to show up and be relevant. Katie talks about an Island Expedition quest that pertains to him. Nick ponders that he’s going to have a new model since he will have aged since we last saw him. They agree they just want him to show back up.

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