Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Nick and Katie are back with the annual tradition of looking at each character and wishing what they want for each of them in the new year. First, Katie talks about joining the Necrolord covenant. Then they talk about the Deathwing that Katie is wearing on her head.

Finally, they get into the Best Wishes. They begin by talking about Sylvanas and debating what she deserves, as her motivations are now coming to light. They get into an argument about what realm she would be sent to by the Arbiter, and wonder if she can be rehabilitated. Then they talk about Nathanos and Nick wants to see Nathanos be the last surprising shred of Sylvanas’ humanity. They also talk about the Jailer and what they want now that they’ve encountered him. Nick goes on an extended riff about turning the Maw into a giant ball pit. Next, they discuss the Arbiter, although Katie finds it hard to wish something for her since she has been pretty much unconscious since our arrival in Oribos.

They also discuss Bolvar and consider his role as compared to Khadgar and Magni the last two expansions. Next they mention Taelia and look at her relationship with her father. Then they reconsider Calia Menethil and admit that she is probably not Taelia’s mother despite it seeming possible previously, with little evidence. They also talk about Lillian Voss and how she’s a good leader for the Forsaken. Then they look at Tyrande and her role as the Night Warrior of late. They also bring up Malfurion but he hasn’t been as present. Next, they review Anduin, Jaina, Thrall, and Baine who were all trapped in the Maw. They agree they all deserve vacations and are going to have severe trauma coming out of the Maw.

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Nick Zielenkievicz

Host of WoW! Talk! and The Tauren & The Goblin. Sometimes known as the Video Games Public Defender. Wants to play more Destiny and Marvel Heroes but WoW is all-consuming. Decent F2P Hearthstone player. Sad that he lost the Wii that had Wrecking Crew on it. Would be happy if the only game ever made was M.U.L.E. Gragtharr on Skywall-US. Garresque on Ravencrest-US.

Katie Grace

Katie is a long time gamer who has fallen in love with multiple genres. She started young by playing Nintendo 64, Spyro, and Blizzard games such as Warcraft II with family, then eventually moved into playing games in both my leisure time and as a occupation. She loves being immersed in different universes and exploring the characters that live in them, as well as just playing games for a good time.

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