This week, we take a step back towards the beginning of the year, as Nick is joined by Cyrub and Projali from the Scrubs vs. the World podcast to participate in our annual tradition of making best wishes for various Warcraft characters in the (now not so) new year. But first they talk about how Scrubs had been ranking various aspects to the expansions earlier this year.

Then they get to discussing the best wishes. They talk about Alexstraza and how she is in a high pressure situation currently. They discuss Nozdormu and his set of issues. They also talk about how easy anyone can address nostalgia when they have access to time travel powers. Nick goes on a rant about building a mall in the Ohn’arhen Plains. They talk about Khadgar and his general aura of epicness. They discuss the Sindragosa simulacrum and what she can lead to happening. They also consider Wrathion and just how mature he really is.

They also talk about Sabellian and Ebyssian to round out the Black Dragonflight leadership. They also discuss Merithra and then Ysera as well. They talk about Watcher Koranos and his many names. They also bring up Emberthal and the Dracthyr, as well as Bestest Boy Taivan and Veritistrasz. They then consider various members of the Maruuk Centaur tribe, including Sansa Khan, Scout Tomul, and Initiate Boku. Nick also mentions Vendie and his relationship with the Dracthyr children.

Finally, they talk a little about the characters that they lost this expansion, and speculate on who might possibly die before Dragonflight is over. They also discuss

Thanks again to Cyrub and Projali from Scrubs vs the World for guest hosting on this episode. Thank you for listening to The Tauren & the Goblin! Please send any comments or questions to or @taurengoblin on twitter.


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