With Dragonflight rapidly approaching, Nick and Katie return to talk about bidding farewall to Sylvanas and also farewell to Shadowlands.

They begin by mentioning the show is now six years old. They compare Sylvanas and Garrosh as antagonists. They talk about the prevalence of Sylvanas over the last few years. They review some scenes from the Sylvanas book, such as the scene which retells the quest where players retrieve Sylavanas’ locket. They discuss Christie Golden’s role in filling in the gaps in Sylvanas’ backstory, and how people are complaining about the lore retcons. They consider how this appears to be the end of the character for now, and talk about the role of death as it was presented in the Shadowlands.

After touching briefly upon Illidan’s redemption arc, they talk about Gul’dan in Legion and orc history. They consider that Gul’dan did not get a redemption arc. They discuss the utter destruction of Garrosh and Arthas. They talk about how the narrative team viewed Arthas as spent. They consider Arthas and Garrosh’s tragic flaws. Nick presents Thrall as imperfect middle aged character. Katie compares Thrall to Goku. Nick mentions that Thrall put the Frostwolf logo on the Doomhammer and then defends Thrall’s axe.

Regarding the Sylvanas novel, they get into some of the lore changes related to Edge of Night. They evaluate the role of the Lava Eel Vore.

They then discuss the five year time skip for Dragonflight. They talk about the eventual return of Anduin. They talk about the fallibility of the Light as it pertains to Turalyon. They discuss fallen paladins.

Nick complains about people who complain about story arcs while they are ongoing. This leads to a discussion of Korthia and what “cut content” is. They talk about the story cadence and how that affects the reception of the narrative. They speculate on how Shadowlands will be remembered.

Katie argues that the Sylvanas loyalist choices were a problem for the narrative. She then considers changes that could be made to the Horde, and they both lament the loss of the Warchief role. They wonder about what could be done with a time skip, and then talk about the Dracthyr customizations. Nick argues that all players should be free to choose their factions. They debate how the factions could be implemented. Finally, the wonder about the fate of Nathanos, and then give some final thoughts on Sylvanas.

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Katie Grace

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