Edanar from such shows as Tavern Tales, Dropping Spicy, Heroes Never Die, and Clan of Three joins Nick and Katie to talk about Bastion and the Kyrian and so much more. But before the show even gets started they get off the rails talking as Edanar and Katie immediately butt heads over his dislike of goblins. They then get into a discussion on which hunter pets they use (or lack thereof) and talk a little about the Firelands challenge tames. Then they get into a discussion of mount farming and the struggles of trying to acquire some of the rarer drops. They then talk about raiding Spine of Deathwing and then Nick finally finishes the intro to the show.

They then get into talking about leveling in Shadowlands and how everyone is enjoying the straight narrative path as compared with the choose-your-zone-order that was allowed in Legion and BfA. Nick alludes to the Castle Nathria cinematic only to say that he watched it and did not understand it. They talk about the idea of Blizzard putting out an expansion without leveling where the only requirement is to play through the campaign.

They talk a little about ideas for other podcasts and Edanar mentions that he does not listen to his own shows.

They get back to talking about Bastion and the Edanar compares the fields to Nagrand while Katie thinks the grasses look more like Minnesota. Katie and Edanar argue about being from Minnesota and Wisconsin and Nick compares the Maw to a burning couch. Edanar then brings up his surprise that there was no Overwatch Easter Egg in Bastion and he and Katie hope to see Ganymede referenced but Nick wants the entire zone to turn into a giant cannon. Nick then questions how the Bastion Afterlives ties into the zone since it seems that Devos’ role is being obscured, but Edanar says to wait and some answers are revealed in other zones.

Katie brings up the concept of all souls being turned into blue humanoids, and Nick wonders about the prevalance of the human form amongst cosmic beings like the Kyrian and Titans. They talk briefly about Pelegos, then Nick brings up the region where the Void attacked Bastion and wonders where Maldraxxus was, which raises questions about the relationships between the various zones.

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