Nick and Katie are back and after Nick gets some letters confused they talk about the history of Highlord and Lich King Bolvar Fordragon.

First, they talk about his history with his daughter Taelia and his possible romance with Calia Menethil, which is purely fan speculation at this point. Nick wonders if they rekindle their relationship if their supernatural natures could allow them to make some special child.

Bolvar appears in vanilla serving as the Regent for Stormwind in Varian’s absence, while Anduin is a child king. Bolvar is involved in the Onyxia attunement quests, as rumors suggest that Lady Katrana Prestor is up to no good but Bolvar continually requires proof. Finally, she is confronted and Bolvar helps fight her out of Stormwind, and then sends the player to defeat her in Dustwallow Marsh. Bolvar also sends players to Silithus and Naxxramas when those patches were active.

In Wrath of the Lich King, Varian returns so Bolvar can lead the Alliance to Northrend. He winds up at the Wrathgate where his fate is decided. He seems to have a cordial relationship with Dranosh, until Arthas shows up and kills the orc. Putress then rains down blight and before Bolvar can die, he is burned by Alexstraza’s fire which turns him into the charred husk he is today. Nick talks about Arthas being jealous of Alexstraza for burning people with no objection. Katie wonders if the Aspect of Life knew was she was doing when she saved Bolvar.

Bolvar then appears again after being tortured at the Frozen Throne. After Arthas’ defeat, Bolvar stops Tirion from putting on the Helm of Domination and claims that fate for himself, becoming the new Lich King and being encased in ice.

In Legion, Bolvar reclaims the Knights of the Ebon Blade as his servants. Nick wonders if that was Bolvar’s plan all along, or if he just got lucky.

Katie mentions that Bolvar shows up in BfA to talk with Vol’jin in a hostile fashion.

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