Nick, Rei, Eric, and Harv are back on what should be an off week to talk about the latest (or lack thereof) in WoW news! First, Eric talks about how Order of Corrupted Souls is struggling again on Sire Denathrius, as just because they beat him once doesn’t mean that he is on farm yet. Rei talks about bringing some odd pugs into the group to tank dungeons who behaved weirdly. And Harv is progressing through Burning Crusade Classic, with his mage almost to 61 and his hunter almost to 62. He points out that the hunter is easier to level because he can pet tank mobs. He also talks about almost running into the Felreaver on the Path of Glory but he got away before he could be smushed in with all the other skulls.

In the news, Blizzard has announced that Battle.Net is global now, and this will allow players to befriend each other across regions. This will also allow for cross-play in certain games, such as Overwatch pc players being able to play with Console gamers. This leads to a discussion of adding people to friends lists, and how Harv can never find anyone to play classic with because anyone he does friend in classic is always on retail when he checks. He talks about a player who joined a pug with him and kept hitting his polymorphed sheep, and then the player made a video and sent it to Harv, and that culminates in a story about an old lady putting a shopping cart near Harv’s car.

They also talk about the update to Shadowlands Flying where Blizzard clarified that you will not have to pay for Shadowlands flying. The original post was referring to how characters have to buy Expert Riding to be able to fly at all, but once that is done (which most characters should have done long ago), you will get Shadowlands flying once you complete the relevant covenant quests.

This week’s question of the week is “What is your favorite zone to level in?” Harv says Nagrand, but then changes to Val’sharrah. Rei just likes leveling with people. Eric likes Zangarmarsh, and Nick likes Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds.

We also look back at episode #87 when store mounts drove up the price of the WoW Token and Nick was annoyed.

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