Nick and Katie are back to talk more about the Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth book. They begin by getting into “Sister is Another Word for Always” by Catherynne M. Valente. They begin by talking about how this doesn’t feel like a folk or fairy tale and is a bit out of place in this book. Then they get into the story itself, discussing how it is written such that it never names anyone except for a single character (the Kyrian Watcher) and makes sure you know where they are by description. They discuss how Vereesa would have found out about her sister’s death and rebirth as a banshee and consider that this story must have happened before she would have known all the details. They review the statues of Regret and Acceptence and their relationship to Elomia, the Spirit Healer who watches over them. They try to consider where it may be in game. They talk about Vereesa going into the Shadowlands and finding herself first in Ardenweald, and then the Maw. They talk about her encountering the Jailer, and after a seemingly benign conversation, he reveals a part of Sylvanas. They debate just what part the Jailer has, as Sylvanas missing her courage does not make sense for her actions. They talk about how Vereesa is similar to Orpheus. They discuss how Vereesa fails to recover Sylvanas.

Next, they talk about “The Paladin’s Beast” by Madeleine Roux. Katie runs through the story of Uther leaving Alonsus Chapel in search of deeds to perform and getting thrown from his horse. He travels through a puddle and wakes up in another land where a maiden mentions a challenge to fight a beast. They try to figure out where this story could take place and what significance the beast may have. Uther ultimately faces the beast and wins by laying down his hammer, and the Princess warns him that he will face another such beast and die. Nick points out that the story makes sense if you assume that Uther had a concussion and fever-dreamed the entire event. They talk about some of the parallels between the story and Arthas and Ali in the chat points out that the Princess’ name, Miatharas, is an anagram of Arthas.

Finally, Katie recounts “For Lies and Liberty” by E.C. Myers. They both agree it is a fun story.

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