Nick and Katie are back and finally ready to talk about Grimoire of the Shadowlands. They start off by talking about how the book wasn’t quite what they expected, as they were looking forward to hearing more about the First Ones and their origins, and looking for more of a Chronicle style book. Instead, they got what Nick compares to a textbook for the Shadowlands, and he points out that most of what was mentioned was information gleaned from playing the game. They get a bit sidetracked comparing the cosmology maps. They talk about Elune and her seemingly shifting role, as Nick insists that Elune used to be mentioned on the old cosmology map but in fact she is not. They mention how she seems to be moving from Light to Life. Also, they discuss the snakes on the new map,, and that leads to a discussion of Zul’drak and the trolls (and snake found there.) They also talk a bit about the borders on the original cosmology map and Katie wonders if the shell icons could have some significance.

Finally they get into Grimoire proper. Nick mentions the introduction which is a letter from Ta’lora who is the broker that Al’firim referenced as looking down upon in the Tazavesh lore. They also talk about Chapter 1, which focuses on Azeroth funeral rituals. They talk about how Trade Prince Donais is interviewed about his death, which excites Katie since he is a goblin. They also talk about Tamaala, Cairne’s wife, and her revelation that Tauren are able to delay the Kyrian from coming so they can stay close to their loved ones and be available should they be summoned at Red Rocks. Finally, they talk about how even the Brokers view Odyn as scummy.

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Katie Grace

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