Nick and Katie are back (well, technically more like still here) to finish talking about Grimoire of the Shadowlands! They get right into it, talking about the process of dying and how anima is related to experience. They also question if the Broker’s knew that the Jailer used to be the Arbiter or if they only recently learned that.

Next, they talk about Oribos. They ask if the Arbiter was created by the First Ones and then discuss a possible reference to when Zovaal was the Arbiter.

Then they discuss Ardenweald, and get into the relationship between the Winter Queen, Elune, and Cenarius. They talk about the possible Pantheon of Life. They also talk about the relationship of the Winter Queen to the physical land of Ardenweald, and wonder what that means for Ysera.

Bastion is the next topic. They talk about the formation of the Mawsworn and try to figure out how Asprirants can falter when the Arbiter is allegedly infallible.

Next, they consider Revendreth. Nick is surprised that Sinfall was the original home of the Court of Harvesters. They talk about whether Denathrius was intended to betray the Eternal Ones by the First Ones, and discuss Free Will and the Purpose. Do NPC’s on Azeroth have Free Will or is it only player characters? How did orcs and draenai, aliens to Azeroth, gain free will?

When looking at Maldraxxus, they evaluate the status of the realm, and if it is truly alive or just made of living parts. They talk about the forethought of the Primus and how he seems infallible. They also talk about Domination magic and whether it should get its own sphere on the cosmology chart.

The next topic for discussion is the Maw. They mention Sylvanas was the first Maw Walker and wonder if the First Ones knew the Maw Walkers would arrive some day. They also discuss Bwon’samdi’s origin and phylacteries for Liches.

The major topic is the First Ones. They consider other locations the First Ones may have information to be found. They also talk about Al’firim’s work, and the meaning of the term Zereth.

They also talk about the Prologue which features Cartel Ta deciding to breach the mortal plane.

Finally, they speculate based off what they read. The Sepulcher seems likely to be the final raid of the expansion. Al’firim could be a raid boss. The Sepulchur could be on Azeroth, if it isn’t Azeroth itself.

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