Katie is back to talk WoW lore with Nick! First, she mentions her friend affected by Hurricane Irma, and Nick reminds everyone about Shadow, this year’s charity pet. Then Katie talks about the Paladin Class Hall quest, and talks about which class halls she likes. She has not done the Lucid Nightmare quest yet, which leads to a brief discussion about the quest for it. Katie also earned her 350th mount, and this leads into a discussion about all the restrictions on mount usage from back in vanilla that have been removed and improved over the years, including mounts taking up bag space, tighter racial and size restrictions on mounts, and even mounts not being account-wide.

Finally, the duo talks about the recent quest that sent Magni into Sholazar Basin to commune with Azeroth. There are hints of demons and old gods abound, and Katie and Nick start speculating about what that could mean. This leads to a discussion of Xal’atath (the Shadow Priest Dagger) and its comment around Il’gynoth that, “the King of Diamonds is a pawn.” Nick argues that Xal’atath should be believed if only because it would be lame for Blizzard to simply claim that the dagger was lying all along.

Katie then talks about her experiences with Turalyon and Alleria (or Talleria and Arralyon, if you’re Nick) in 7.3. She’s excited to see them back but wants so much more out of their interactions. This leads to a discussion about how Blizzard needs to increase the story and lore content of the game, and how it can be difficult for them to shelf a character for an expansion when that means that a character disappears for two years. The solution is more short stories and novels.

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