Nick and Katie are back to finish up their look at the leveling experience by talking about Revendreth. But first Katie mentions that she got the Gnawed Reins of the Battle-Bound Warhound from the Theatre of Pain elites in Maldraxxus. Nick is jealous. Then Nick talks about beating Sire Denathrius on LFR and clearing LFR Castle Nathria.

They get into a discussion about Remoria and Vorpalia, the living swords of Denathrius and Renethal in Revendreth. They question their origin and want to know more about why these swords are the way they are. This leads to a discussion about the relationship between Renethal and Denathrius and the heirarchy of titles in Revendreth and what it means that Renethal is a Prince. Nick complains about Lord Chamberlain effectively having a name that is two titles.

They cover some of the story of Revendreth, starting with your appearance there and the introduction to the Sinstones. They debate throwing your Sinstone into the void of the Shadowlands, but Nick is sure that means it would wind up in the Maw. They speculate on the relationship between Denathrius and the Jailer and why Denathrius would have joined with the Jailer.

They talk about the rest of the campaign. Nick complains about the Accuser being a title but also a name as it leads to confusion.

Katie is excited by the Dredgers and talks about their creation, as well as the Bigguns. Nick likes Stonehead who is his friend. Katie talks about Theotar and his tea and parasol.

Nick speculates about the source of the Light in the Ember Ward and considers the reason why the Spire of the Unseen Guest is there. This leads to much frustration about not having all the answers for Shadowlands.

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