Nick and Katie are back and they are alone and they haven’t planned any specific character to talk about so they can catch up on some things. Katie reveals that she still did not get the Headless Horseman’s Horse during Hallow’s End this year. They talk a little bit about Vol’jin. Nick mentions that he’s sticking around in Mechagon and working on Balance of Power. Katie has been leveling.

Gin from Morally Grey messaged with a correction to some character ages.

Finally the duo get into one of their topics, “Terror by Torchlight.” It is a new short story from Christie Golden which has Flynn Fairwind and Matthias Shaw traveling to Duskwood to fight some undead and recover a missing artifact. Katie recaps the story and then they comment on how they enjoyed the Flynn-Shaw couple. They also talk about how this ties into the Scourge invasion in Shadowlands, and leads directly into the upcoming Christie Golden book, “Exploring the Eastern Kingdoms.”

Then, Katie runs through the cinematics leading into the pre-patch Scourge invasion. They talk about how several characters were abducted and they all had a witness left with them to remain behind. This leads to a discussion of how Tyrande was able to fend off the abductors and instead was present to face Nathanos. The pair considers Nathanos’ motive for facing us at his home, and then talk about his possible fate. They also discuss how Sylvanas and Tyrande mirror each other from the Light and Death perspective. They talk about how hyped they are for Shadowlands to finally be launching next week.

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