Nick and Katie are back to talk about the Council of Tirisfal, and they almost start to get into it right off the bat with an argument about Med’an and if he’s canon. Then they get into what they’ve been doing in game. Katie has been raising her Bitey McStabface mount, while Nick has barely touched the 8.3 content. They argue about how important it is to get into that, and Nick agrees the ilvl boost would help with the Mechagon mobs.

Then they get right back to business. Nick goes over the history of the Council of Tirisfal, starting with the early problems of the City of Dalaran. Their overuse of magic brought on minor demon invasions, so they had to reach out to the mages of Quel’thalas for help. The elves told the humans to cut back on their magic use, but instead the humans decided it would be easier to keep the demons a secret and assemble a Council for the express purpose of destroying these demons. Thus, the Council of Tirisfal was born.

Everything went well until a demon named Kathra’natir arrived. He found the flaw in the Council’s Spearhead plan, and nearly wiped out the council but for a young mage named Alodi, which Nick struggles to say. Alodi worked with the remaining members of the council to let him become the first Guardian, and used the imbued power to defeat Kathra’natir. Alodi served as the Guardian for a century before passing his powers to the next Guardian and retiring.

Many centuries later, Magna Scavell was the Guardian, and he could not retire because there were no suitable replacements. He fought a demon in Deadwind Pass and acquired the scythe Uthalesh, which he then buried. To find a new Guardian, he assembled five apprentices and selected his successfor from amongst them. The one he chose was Aegwynn.

Aegwynn became the Guardian and grew distrustful of the Council of Tirisfal. She went to Northrend and fought demons with the dragons, but then the Avatar of Sargeras arrived. Aegwynn slew the avatar, but Sargeras’ spirit slipped into her. She buried the avatar in the Tomb of Sargeras, and then spent the next few centuries refusing to yield her power back to the Council. The Council formed the Tirisgarde to hunt her down, but instead one of their members fell in love with her. They concieved a child who would recieve Aegwynn’s powers on his 14th birthday. When he did, he slipped into a coma. His name was Medivh.

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