Nick goes it alone this week as Katie is off working on schoolwork. Nick first talks a little about the great work that Spazz Wesson and Kurabara did handling the Covenant campaigns, and how that set the bar high for him. Then he shouts out Katie for her work at completing her school work. Then he plays a clip from the Halfhill Report episode #157 talking about the Ascended and how much he enjoyed the joke. Then he talks about how he and Katie were on Scrubs vs the World recently.

Finally, Nick gets into the Kyrian campaign. He runs through the beginning where there is a ceremony to celebrate you joining the Ascended, and then you run off and do the Torghast and Maw quests that everyone does. You return to Bastion and the it is time for some aspirants to Ascend. So you do a ritual that takes you to Azeroth where you see the last moments of a farmer before he dies in a Scourge attack. Then Kleia takes him and throws him into the soul river in Oribos which sends him to the Maw, and Nick talks about how stupid the Kyrian were. We return to Bastion and Kleia ascends, but then the Forsworn show up and destroy the Crest of Ascension. We go into the Spires of Ascension dungeon and defeat Devos, and now we need to rebuild the Crest.

We get Mikanikos, the Forgelite Prime, to rebuild the crest. Then we go to Maldraxxus where we defeat the House of Constructs for their role in attacking Bastion. We claim Margrave Gharmaul’s heart and use it to empower the new crest. Then we go to Revendreth where we work with the Curator and the Countess to get the Seal of Contrition. Finally, we go to Ardenweald where a Night Fae pays a heavy price for us to get a vessel for use in the crest.

We attack the Forsworn and drive them back to the Maw. We head into the Maw and free a betrayed Uther. We attack the Mawsworn only for them to turn and attack the Archon, and together we finally defeat them and save Bastion.

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