Nick is joined by Spazz Wesson once again who is filling in for Katie. They talk about Spazz playing all four covenant campaigns and how there might be plenty of time before patch 9.1. They compare the patch delay to Warlords of Draenor and lament how the pandemic is affecting Blizzard’s output.

Next, they talk about some of the April Fool’s Jokes that are already out, including the “leak” about Undermine being the next expansion. Nick talks about how the best April Fool’s Jokes are ones where the audience is in on the joke, and everyone can laugh together, instead of the audience’s credulity being the punchline. Nick talks about how Blizzard can look bad when a fan makes a poor April Fool’s joke.

FInally, Spazz dives into the Venthyr campaign. He talks about gathering the Court of Harvesters for Prince Renethal, but no one trusts him yet. He talks about going to the Countess to find out who is betraying her only to find out everyone is betraying her. Next, players work with the Curator. Then, Draven and Theotar reveal a secret mirror that connects to Bastion, and go to meet with Prime Forgelite Mikanikos. They get him to craft several Harvester medallions into a crown to be used against Denathrius. At this point, players would venture into Sanguine Depths and then the Castle Nathria raid to face Denathrius.

After freeing him in the raid, Kael’thas becomes involved in the campaign. The Accusers wants to help redeem him, but she discovers his soul is burdened with sins from other souls. We are effectively quizzed on Kael’thas’ history to purge the excess anima, and then we discover a plot by the Tithelord to send anima to Maldraxxus. This leads into the finale of the Necrolord campaign, as we first fight Maldraxxi in the Endmire to discover the Kel’thuzad is involved. We fight the Tithelord and Kel’thuzad gets away. Then, we join the Necrolords at the House of Rituals to defeat Kel’thuzad, who still manages to escape. In the aftermath, Renethal forms a council to rule Revendreth.

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