Nick’s back, but Katie’s gone this time! Don’t worry, Kavo from Patch Day is here to fill in as our eponymous Goblin! Kavo’s been running the Deaths of Chromie scenario, which gets Nick to speculating about who is behind Chromie’s deaths? Could it be Cho’gall (despite being dead many times over)? At the very least, Nick thinks its someone under the influence of the Old Gods.

Nick asks Kavo if he’s watched the Tomb of Sargeras cinematic, but Kavo has not, because he is waiting to legitimately beat the raid. Nick praises his dedication, and this leads to a discussion of Terran Gregory’s cinematics, going back to the Wrathgate. They then talk about the Saurfang encounter in Icecrown Citadel, which prompts Nick to mention that he needs to go in and kill Professor Putricide to get his Unholy Death Knight hidden artifact appearance. Good news, everyone! He should be able to solo it!

After a brief interlude about bell choirs and Andy Kaufman, the discussion turns to the music of World of Warcraft. Nick recounts when he first discovered the music during an epic check writing session, and he talks about how the main themes of each expansion do a great job of establishing the places and threats we’ll be facing. They then talk about the Goblin and Tauren theme music. Surprisingly, Nick is more excited by the Goblin music, as the percussion invokes images of Goblin engineers.

Kavo likes the Native American drumbeats of the Tauren, and uses his musical experience to analyze the Goblin sounds. Kavo talks about enjoying the Storm Peaks music in Wrath of the Lich King. Nick talks about Canticle of Sacrifice in Legion. Nick likes what sounds like horses galloping and monks practicing in Way of the Monk from Mists of Pandaria. Kavo praises the Obsidian Sanctum music. Kavo also brings up Lament of the Highborne, and Nick praises how Blizzard is able to evoke such emotion with people effectively chanting gibberish. And of course Nick mentions the Grizzly Hills music.

Then, they talk about Kavo’s musical parody work. He talks about how he got started by hearing a Lady Gaga song and replacing one of the words with Jaina, and then how that lead to him recording. Nick complains that he doesn’t know new songs, like the Chainsmokers “Closer”. Kavo mentions getting recognized for some his larger songs, like Phantom of the BG, by the likes of Anne Stickney at Blizzcon. Finally, he talks about writing some of his best lyrics. Thanks again to Kavo for being on the show! And thank you for listening! Next time, Nick and Katie should be back together for a reunited The Tauren & the Goblin!


Nick Zielenkievicz

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