Nick and Katie are finally reunited and Emery joins them to talk about all the spoilers in Patch 7.3. First, Katie mentions that she completed her feral druid artifact challenge, and then she mentions she got the Wild Dreamrunner from a Dreamweaver Cache. Emery, meanwhile, has completed the quest to get the monk class mount, Ban Lu. Apparently, Ban Lu is an old man who thinks that monks are too fat and complains to them while ferrying them around on his back. Nick mentions that its going to be sad when the expansion ends and all the talking weapons disappear (like Thal’kiel or Xal’atath) and that leads into a discussion about what the end of the expansion will bring.

Nick is excited that we are facing Titans. Aggramar is a raid boss, apparently reconstructed by Sargeras. Given that Aggramar and Eonar are seemingly alive, Nick questions who is the narrator for Chronicle, as Chronicle explicitly stated the Titans were dead. The group wonders about how the Titans could have survived, including the fact that their essences traveled to the Keepers, and maybe by collecting enough of their essence the Titans can be revived.

The discussion shifts to characters we will see, including Yrelka, who appears to be some variation of the Yrel we knew on Draenor. Is she our universe’s Yrel, who stayed on Argus many years ago, or could she even possibly be the same Yrel we knew but aged and shifted through time? Alleria will finally be in game. It doesn’t appear that she will meet Sylvanas, but she does encounter Vareesa as well as her son Arator. Alleria also has words with hunters who have collected Thas’dorah, her family bow. Turalyon is also there, and his model (and his sword) are impressive.

Hints at the next expansion are also in the patch, as quest armor suggesting Kul’Tiras was found. It also has an Old God theme which gets Emery excited. He talks about how N’Zoth may have been found in the Maelstrom, thanks to one of Il’gynoth’s clues. If Kul’Tiras is featured, then Jaina should be brought back into the lore. Nick wants to see a book detailing what Jaina’s been up to during Legion, and also a book going over events in Orgrimmar and Stormwind as well. Overall, Patch 7.3 has everyone super excited!


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