Nick is joined by Dracoris and Sirithe from the LFR podcast to talk about the juicy spoilers coming in Patch 9.1. First, Dracoris and Sirithe talk about why they started LFR and how they approach the lore. Nick talks about how he enjoys their character-centric approach.

Then, the trio get into the spoilers. They begin by talking about the recent sighting of a Kirin Tor crow that implies that Khadgar may be showing up soon. This transitions into a discussion of Odyn’s involvement with respect to Helya, and a debate about who will be the Lord of Ravens when it comes time to turn the key.

The trio get into how Elune is revealed as the Winter Queen’s sister when Tyrande’s Night Warrior powers are addressed. We find out that Huln Highmountain was also a Night Warrior and Nick is excited that we see that famour Tauren again.

Next they discuss Uther and his role in uniting the Kyrian faction. They debate if Arthas will show up, which he does, but only in memories so far.

They also talk about the long awaited Thrall and Draka reunion as spurred on by the reveal that the Primus is the Runecarver.

Finally, they talk about the role that Dreadlords will play in the patch and how they are all serving at the behest of Denathrius. We find out what happened to cause the Light to invade Revendreth and the group debates whether Lothraxion is truly light-forged or a spy.

Thank you to Dracoris and Sirithe from LFR for coming on! And thank you for listening to The Tauren & the Goblin! Please send any comments or questions to taurengoblin@mash.gg or @taurengoblin on twitter. Our next live show is scheduled for 5/26 at 10:30 pm E at twitch.tv/mashthosebuttons. Come join us!


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