This week Nick and Katie welcome Rob and Darryl from The Training Dummies to talk about their recent Stay Classy series where they discussed all twelve class hall stories. They begin by talking about the artifact knowledge books and how Blizzard had to write new background lore for several artifact weapons that didn’t exist or were poorly fleshed out prior to Legion. Darryl admits he doesn’t always pay attention to the quest dialog when playing the game, and he was glad the lore episodes could inform him of the story he missed the first time. Rob, who has played through every class, talked about how some of the episodes made him want to go back and replay the story again. He was surprised by how much crossover there was between classes, and the talk moves to the overlapping artifact quests. Nick wants to see more fallout from the Paladin-Death Knight conflict in Battle for Azeroth. Also, he praises the Stay A While and Listen narratives introduced in 7.3.

Rob discusses how they started the series, and Darryl talks about the difficulties encountered in booking guests. Katie observes that the series is a great archive for players to refer back to in the future. Nick asks Rob about how many characters he has and what problems he encounters by having so many. Nick then discusses playing his Death Knight and how he prepared for the Death Knight episode. Katie shares her experience running four druids through the order hall. The discussion moves to how engrossing some of the campaigns were, and Nick compares the Death Knight and Hunter storylines. Katie, Darryl, and Nick compare the physical class hall structures. Rob educates Nick on using the grappling hook as a rogue.

Rob shares his appreciation for how NPC’s react to the weapons. A discussion about completing the storylines during the coming drought leads to a discussion of Siege of Orgrimmar, and comparisons are made between Seige, Hellfire Citadel, and Antorus. Katie complains that goblins can’t be monks. Discussion moves to the class followers. Rob and Katie discuss Zandalari druids, and then the final question is if Illidan played enough of a role in the class halls. To sum up the experience, Rob encourages players to take their time through the story, and Darryl admits the series was a lot of work. He laments that Paladins don’t get to play their side of the Death Knight invasion.

Thanks again to Rob and Darryl for coming on the show. Be sure to check out The Training Dummies on your favorite podcasting platform. And thank you for listening. We can be reached by email at


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